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12 November 2019London: Plague, Fire and War
16 May 2019Sex, drugs, models and Muses: the Preraphaelites
14 March 2019The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen: An exploration of her family life, letters and early work.
15 November 2018World War I: Poetry, Art and Music, Wilfred Owen and his Contemporaries
08 May 2018Three Victorian Mansions, their Stories and their Fates
06 March 2018Organic Gems: from Elephants to Frozen Forests
09 November 2017Connoisseurs and Conundrums: restoration, forgery and kitsch.
21 March 2017Windsor Castle: History, Occupants and the Treasures in the Royal Library
10 November 2015Tapestries and their role in Art and Design
05 February 2015Music in the Great Art Collections of Europe
13 November 201412,000 YEARS OF JAPANESE ART
11 March 2014LALIQUE and TIFFANY

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London: Plague, Fire and War Gerald Deslandes Tuesday 12 November 2019

London: Plague, War and Fire,  is on Tuesday 12th November 2019

At Jubilee Hall, 2 Parsonage Lane, Enfield, EN2 0AJ

Doors open at 10am for coffee in advance of lecture starting at 10.30am.

Cost £30 for members, £38 for non-members. Includes lunch, coffee and biscuits. Any non-member joining on the day will get a refund for the extra cost.

Booking is now open and you can find the form in "Documents" - go to "Our Society" and it is at the bottom of the list 

The Great Fire is arguably the most important watershed in the history of London and threatened the newly restored Stuart monarchy.  In three days it laid waste to 436 acres and destroyed 87 churches and more than 1,300 houses. Yet the wealth and entrepreneurial skills that were stimulated by the Fire led to the extraordinary financial success of London in the eighteenth century.

The first talk explores the rivalry between those who welcomed the return of the monarchy and those who saw Charles II’s dissolute reign as an affront to the religious passion and austerity of the interregnum. It describes the role of playwrights, painters and poets in supporting the monarchy and the medieval layout of London into areas associated with the Court, the Church and the City.  The second talk provides an account of the Plague and Fire through the diaries of John Evelyn and Samuel Pepys and contrasts the ways in which they were represented both visually and in terms of propaganda. The final talk explores the rebuilding and expansion of London and the work of Wren and Hawksmoor as well as lesser known architects.

Please return the application form to,

Janet McQueen at 55, Manor Road, Enfield, EN2 0AN, or email:  

Tel. 020 8367 7374 (mobile on the day if you are unable to come is 07771 637735).  

 Payment by bank transfer or cheque made out to “The Arts Society Enfield”.